Foreword Development designs clever software for schools

Whilst technology’s use in the classroom has been a matter of much research and debate, the bricolage of out-of-classroom infrastructure that students, parents, faculty and staff rely upon daily creaks from its complexity and age.

Schools have been deluged with ostensibly helpful software that, in retrospect, only adds to the workload of those involved. Such products often encroach upon users’ privacy and are so needlessly complex that they require training or specialist consultation. This, in turn, encourages disuse. Foreword Development adopts a different approach: we integrate existing core infrastructure into a single space for group communication within the school.

Our products deferentially supplement public discourse within schools by making accessible nothing more than the informational prerequisites to such discourse. We remind a student of their philosophy club meeting so they can go to the right room at the right time, put their device away and let the important work begin.

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