• Foreword Development is hiring

  • Contact : info@foreword.dev.
  • Last updated : Friday, March 29, 2024, 3:55:49 PM Coordinated Universal Time

Foreword Development is accepting applications for a development role within our new, small studio based in Paris. Foreword Schools, our main project, is a platform for schools with which we build applications, particular to each school, that focus on out-of-classroom communications. We also serve as the development group of certain clients in other areas.

Less technical attributes your possession of which we would very much appreciate include the following:

  • Knowledge of the French language or fluency in French and at least B1 English.
  • Formation in the humanities, arts or social sciences.
  • You are humble yet not ingenuous.

In addition to strong knowledge of Python, you would ideally have competencies in at least one of the following areas:

  1. Native Android or iOS programming.
  2. React or a similar front-end framework.
  3. Light WordPress builds (PHP, minimal plugins).
  4. Machine learning and text-information processing.

You must have EU or US work authorisation. The weekly hours expected will never exceed 35, and the work will begin part-time and remotely. Please email us your CV and a writing sample about anything you want—an essay from your post-secondary studies, for example. Your documents may be in French or English. In respect of your time and labour, we’ll acknowledge receipt of all applications.

The Paris office of Foreword Development
Each member of Foreword Development works from his or her apartment, a library, etc.